Solutions That Deliver Results

Improving healthcare.

In transitioning to outcome based healthcare, physicians focus on reducing variations in how diseases and conditions are treated. This transition requires all clinicians to provide accurate data and information to improve patient outcomes and increase revenue for the practice. Although data and analytics have always been crucial in healthcare, many practices are unclear or unsure on how to leverage their data to power results.

Now, a major shift in how data is generated, aggregated and used is being seen across the industry. At Advent Health Consultants, we help our clients understand and leverage their information to improve doctor to patient ratio, create better treatment plans, and more efficiently share information to optimize care.

About Us

Advent Health Consultants provides services that push practices to the forefront of healthcare as they transition to outcome based medicine. Our integrated support systems equip practices with the tools and infrastructure they need to perform profitably in the evolving managed care environment.

We provide unprecedented transparency in working with our client physicians, fostering an environment built on success and efficiency.

Added Intelligence

We empower practices to utilize their data in a way that’s meaningful for them and beneficial for their patients.


We provide the training and support needed for clients to be as hands-on, or as hands-off, as they’d like.


Our solutions are constantly innovating to keep up with the changes in the healthcare industry. You can always be certain that your services are top of the line.

How it Works

We offer a variety of avenues for physicians to streamline their efficiencies
and increase ROI in their practices.


  • Value-Based Outcomes
  • Hedis
  • Macra Performance
  • Reimbursement

Our System

  • Train Your Staff to Optimize Time With Patients
  • Provides Coding Analysis, Education and Support
  • Supports RCM to Ensure Revenue is Realized

Our Solutions

Ancillary Services

• Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
• Amniotic Tissue Wound Care
• Chronic Care Management
• Clinical Research Trials
• Comprehensive Muscle Activity profiling
• and more…


• Autonomic nervous system (ANS) testing
• Biowave PENS
• Diabetic Diagnostic Toolkit
• Diabetic Neuropathy Device
• Fall Prevention
• In-Home Sleep Apnea Testing
• and more…


• Blood
• Comprehensive Range of Lab Testing
• Medication Compliance Testing
• Molecular Next Generation Sequencing
• Urine
• Pathology

Regenerative Medicine

• Amnion
• BioIdentical Hormones Replacement
• Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Practice Enhancements Tools

• Group Purchasing Organization
• Healthcare Management Company
• Medical Billing
• Medical Transcription and Virtual Scribe
• Medical Waste
• and more

Turnkey Services

• Osteoarthritis Treatment Protocol
• The Diabetes Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol